A name or business card is a small size card that includes personal information about the owner. This card is not something new in a business or professional area. There is a lot of reason and benefits that make people still to use it until now. Networking is one of the reasons why people choose to use the card. By enlarging their network, people realize that it can open the new opportunity whether for them personally or for their business. 

If you are a newbie in the business or professional area, then before making your first name card, knowing more information about it will be an important thing for you. Or maybe, you are not a rookie but need to know more about the card, then you can join to read more details here. So, lets we start and directly jump for more information now! 

Benefits by Using a Name Card 

As mentioned before that the main purpose and advantage of making the name card is about networking. But, that’s not all! There are more benefits by having and using it. So, here are the lists! 

1. First Impression 

A name card can be a representative of yourself and your first impression can be shown on it. If it looks creative and colorful, then the receiver might think that you are creative and cheerful person. 

2. Professional 

By using a name card, you will look more professional and prepared rather than directly give the other your contact without using it. 

3. Easier to Reach 

Give others your card can make them easier to contact you later. Also, if you put some links that are related to your work, they will probably easier to reach out and see the things you have done before.   

Make the Card 

Here are the major steps that you can follow when making a name card: 

1. Prepare all of the information 

The main informations that you’ll need are name, job or specialty, address, phone number, email, website, or any other information that you think is needed. 

2. Concept 

Since a name card represent yourself, then you should determine abput the concept of your card. By making a concept, you will be able to represent yourself well on the card.   

3. Design 

You can do the design by yourself or hiring a professional designer. The concept that you’ve made can be executed on this step. 

4. Print 

It’s up to you, rather you want to do print it independently or go to the professional name card printing service. But, if you go to the professional, you don’t neet to worry about the result of your card. You can go and visit name card printing in Singapore to get high-quality printing at an affordable price. 

Business Card Etiquette 

After you have a card, you should know the etiquette for giving it to others. So, you can try these several tips! 

1. Don’t Give It To Every Person That You Meet 

Only give your name card to the person that wants to make networking with you. Avoid giving it to people that don’t even talk with you.   

2. Give The Card Only In The Personal Conversation 

Never give the name card when you are in a group of discussion. Give it only when you in a personal conversation with the other. 

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