Making stickers is not that difficult. You can make it with several design applications. Also, a few websites that provide online design services. Even if you can’t operate the apps, you can hire a designer to help you make the stickers. So that’s why stickers are easy to make. Besides, stickers also have a low price, and that’s why people loved to use it! Moreover, stickers also can be applied to several media. For example, you can affix it on the product packaging. The sticker that is used on packaging is called a packaging sticker!

If you are interested in making packaging stickers, the mirrorkote stickers can be your best decision. That sticker is usually chosen by people for the packaging stickers. Only knowing the type of stickers is not enough if you want to make packaging stickers. There are several things you need to make sure when making packaging stickers. Here are some of those things!

1. Prioritize to Include the Frequently Used Contacts on the Sticker

If your business rarely uses Facebook to communicate with customers, don’t include it. Due to the limited space on packaging stickers, you need to choose the information that is important to include. If your business has more than one contact such as email, telephone numbers, websites, other social media, you must choose the one that is used the most. Another choice, you can include one of the media that is widely used by your target consumer. By choosing the media based on your consumer, it can make the consumer easier to reach you.

2. Ensuring the Words Are Legible

You have to make sure that the words you put on the sticker are easy to read. Three tips might be to try to make it legible. First, avoid using a too-small font. Second, avoid using fonts type that makes the words are difficult to read. The sticker is not a thing to make people guess what is written on it, so that’s why you should avoid using a font that hard to read. Then the third, avoid using the same color tone between the font and background. This often makes people confused when reading it.

3. Make Sure the Printing Quality Is Good

Printing quality determines a lot of things such as the legible of the text on the sticker, the color that will be the same with the design or not,  and of course the printing quality will determine the appearance of the sticker. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the quality of printing. To get the best printing results, you certainly have to visit a trusty sticker printing service. You can visit Singapore sticker printing as a reference print service that you can rely on and trust!

4. Make Sure There Is No Typo

Apart from the small font size, the same tone of color for the font and background, the font type that difficult to read, there is one more thing that can confuse your customers. This is the typographical error. Therefore, checking on sticker if there any typos is necessary. Do not let the consumers get confused and guess what they are reading on the sticker. And what’s worse, don’t let it make you lose the opportunity to get a call from the customers because you entered the wrong contact number. This example shows that you have to make sure if there is no typo on your sticker.

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