Without a doubt, in the modern era, it cannot be hidden that women have greater relevance in the advertising industry. While it is true that there is still a long way to go, the truth is that women have a more relevant role compared to other years ago. Advertising campaigns are also adapting to the social movements that are trends in the modern era.

These concepts are becoming trends because feminism and gender equality are gaining more importance and strength within many sectors, which traditionally in the past were very conservative, especially if we talk about the advertising industry. 

Influencing major brands

It is no secret that feminism is sometimes frowned upon or irrationally criticized because of certain factors involving only a radical minority that confuses social equality with personal ambitions. However, leaving aside the negative perception that feminism may have, the movement is increasingly influential in large and important international brands. 

Brands such as Nike, Dove, Always, Samsung, or Armour, are positioned as increasingly feminist brands, which implies that feminism has a transversal role in different types of markets and takes on a greater role in modern society.

A message full of courage and inspiration

Concepts such as “FemVertising” or “FeministBrading” are emerging with greater force in the world of advertising. Thanks to the complicity of brands and agencies like Mandreel, consumers can feel more identified not only with brands but also with their products or services. 

On the other hand, brands can have a better connection with societies through empathy, humor, humanism, and the brave side that feminism transmits when it comes to establishing true gender equality in all possible areas. 

At the same time, women of any age, social scale, religion, or ethnicity can be inspired by the messages that the concepts of “FemVertising” or “FeministBrading” try to spread. 

Unlike traditional or male campaigns, which can convey wrong messages or aspirational messages, feminist movements and concepts convey inspirational messages. 

Women can identify with the marks, in what is desired or what is considered impossible if it can be achieved by any woman who proposes it. It is an effective way to help women grow and make a positive impact on any movement that fights for equality. 

Everyone joins the cause

For this reason, it is not surprising that many industries, markets, brands, and branding agencies are desperate to include women and women’s movements within their operations. Brands and the branding industry are already aware that women have greater power than in the past. Women can and do decide what they like and what they don’t like. 

A few years ago, agencies such as Mandreel.com had already taken the first steps towards the protagonism of women in advertising campaigns. Today, they are looking to sincerely integrate women into the campaigns. In this way, women can be established as ambassadors and influencers for the brands and at the same time transmit messages that help all movements that fight for women’s rights. To get more info, please visit www.mandreel.com

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