Do you know about the common seal? Or maybe have you seen the common seal before? If you have seen it, you probably saw it affixed on an important document. So, for some people, the common seal is known as a company or corporate seal. This kind of seal usually uses on the business document or transaction. But, it doesn’t mean that you can put it on every document. The use of it is restricted only for crucial and important business documents or transactions. But, what is the purpose of affixed the stamp only on important documents? So, to know about the answer and more details about the things that are related to the common seal, then keep reading the article!

What Is a Common Seal?

In a short description, the common seal is the official signature that owned by the company. By affixing it on the documents, that means a deed and act is under a company or organization. The seal can not apply if there is no prior approval. Because of that, when the seal affixed on the documents, that means all of the decision-makers agreeing if the documents are verified and certified. Besides, sometimes in some cases, the CEO’s signature is needed to accompany the seal on the documents. But, the common seal is not only limited and use for a company or business since an individual can also use this to process legal documents.

As mentioned before that you can’t easily affix the seal on every business document. Just particular and crucial documents that will need to be signing by using a common stamp. For example, you can affix the stamp on international documents, real estate transfer documents, vital deeds and contracts, loan documents, and more. But if you are not sure to apply it to some of the documents or agreements, then ask for the professional advice will be the best choice for you!

There are several things that should be include on the common seal. So, here are the things!

  1. Company name;
  2. Logo;
  3. Incorporation year;
  4. State where the company legally filled.

How to Get the Common Seal?

There are several steps that you can do to obtain the seal. So, here are the steps!

  1. Begin with register the company in the state. The name of the state where you registered your company will be included on the seal.
  2. Get the seal at the office supply store such as Singapore common seal, since it will be one of the mandatory things when registering the corporation. 
  3. Don’t forget to include the information that should be included on the seal.


Before you use the seal, there are several tips you need to be concerned. Here are the tips you can follow!

  1. Find out and read the state law about the common seal.
  2. As a company signature, make sure you only use it in a valuable situation.
  3. Understand when and how to use the seal based on state laws. You can ask and get advice from the professional to make sure that you understand it.

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