A rubber stamp is a device for imprinting a message or design. Most people should know about the stamp beforehand since it is used by adults and children too. Because of that, almost everyone must be familiar with this stamp.  

So now, are you thinking about having the stamp? wondering what can you do with that? or maybe what kind of information is required before buying and using the stamp for the first time? Well, to help you find out more information, we provide some details regarding the rubber stamp. Here are some of them that we hope you find useful! 

1. What Can You Do with Rubber Stamp? 

At the beginning of the articles, it was mentioned that the stamp is used by children or even adults, do you remember about that? Both of them have a different way to utilize it. For children, they frequently use the stamp as a toy or decorative items. But for adults, it can be more various. From company stamps, decorative stamps, signature stamps, passed stamps, or even return address stamps. 

2. Type of Rubber Stamps 

Today, you will find that rubber stamp is not only available in one type or a manual model that you need to reink manually on separate ink pads. The most popular choice of rubber stamp now is pre-inked stamp and self-inking stamp. Here is more information about both types.   

  • The pre-inked stamp is recommended for a stamp with logos since it produces very sharp and top-quality impression. This type of stamp uses oil-based inks for its application.  
  • The self-inking stamp is the best choice for stamping in large quantities. Every time the impression is created, the stamp will be reinks automatically. Self-inking stamp uses water-based inks.  

3. Things to Consider Before Buying the Stamp  

If you are interested and decide to buy the stamp, there are a few things that need to be considered before you buy it. So, here is a list! 

  • First, you need to consider the perfect shape for your stamp. The most popular shape for the stamp is rectangular and round. 
  • Then determine the best size. Make sure you consider the type and size of documents that will be signed using the stamp 
  • Consider preparing a design (if necessary) 
  • Think about the ink colour 

4. Tips When Buying the Stamp 

Here are some tips you can follow if you decide to buy a rubber stamp! 

  • Find the trusted and specialist rubber stamp maker such as Singapore rubber stamp. You can find the stamp maker online or offline.  
  • Read online reviews if you decide to buy it online 
  • Prepare all information, designs, or anything else that will be needed for making your stamp.  

5. Rubber Stamp in a Business 

Company stamps, passed stamps, or even signature stamps are only a few examples of how the rubber stamp is used in a business. We can even say that the rubber stamp is a must-have item in a business. Many companies use the stamp for many reasons and one of them is because the stamp is durable and affordable! 

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