Even with the existence of e-mail that is very convenient, occasionally we still need to send out proper physical letters especially if you are a serious business. 

Sending a physical letter is more than just sending a piece of a letter with text wrapped in an envelope. The paper itself needs to look proper so that you can give a good impression and add proper weight to your letter so that it can be taken seriously. 

One of the ways you can ensure this is by printing custom letterhead for your correspondence needs. 

Here are the tips that are important for designing and printing a letterhead: 

1. Design 

Since the letterhead more or less represents your company, you have to pay attention to its overall design. First and foremost, you have to clearly know what kind of impression you want to give off with the design of your letterhead. Is your company more toward the formal side? Or is it more casual? Or perhaps is it dynamic? You have to be able to portray this well in the choice of colors, font, images, and so on. 

2. Content 

There should be the essentials included in the design of your letterhead, which are the company name, address, contact number, as well as e-mail address. Of course, you can’t forget about including your company logo as well. If available, you should also let the recipient of your letter know of your website address as well as the slogan for a stronger impression. 

3. Font 

Choose fonts that suit the image of your business. However, limit yourself to maximum three types of fonts only to avoid making it look confusing. Also, make sure that the font is easily readable. It is best that you keep it between 9 pt to 12 pt. 

4. Color 

It’s good to grab the attention of your letter recipient by adding a splash of colors especially if they reinforce your brand identity. Not only on the letterhead, but you can also add some colors to the background as well but make sure that it does not hinder the text on top of it. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to print a custom envelope with matching design for your every letter to make it look uniform and complete. It boosts brand image and creates a great impact especially if you can design it in a unique way so that it stands out even in the pile of letters that one might receive. 

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