As one of the things that must be prepared, a wedding invitation card plays an important role in a wedding event. By sending it, you are telling people about to come to your wedding. The process of creating an invitation card is quite simple, but some frequent mistakes still occur in the process of making it. Avoid doing the same by knowing these some common mistakes in making and sending wedding invitation cards! Here are the details! 

1. Have No Idea About the Timeline 

Print out invitation cards a week before the wedding and send them all just a few days before the event will be held. These are only a few things that can happen if you have no idea about the time you should start making and sending out the invitations. In fact, not everyone can’t go to your wedding if you tell them a few days before you celebrate it. That’s why having no idea about the appropriate time can lead you to unexpected things. So, here is the main timeline for preparing and sending the invitation cards that you need to know! 

  • 12-9 months before the wedding, start making a guest list  
  • 8-6 months, finalize your guest list  
  • 5-4 months, order invitations (design and printing) 
  • 8-6 weeks, it’s time to send out invitations 

2. Misspelled 

When your name supposed to be written as Ms. Christina but you find an invitation for Ms. Christine addressed for you, what will you think about that? Maybe you think if the invitation does not belong to you? Or something else? This is one of the common mistakes in preparing invitations. Misspelled names generate different kinds of responses depending on the person. Some people may feel uncomfortable seeing their name spelled wrong. That’s why you should always check the name and address of the recipients before sending the invitations! 

3. Send Only Digital Invitations to All Names on Your Guest List 

Wait! Is sending a digital invitation a mistake? No, that’s not a mistake! But the thing you need to know is that not everyone has an email address or social media. Also, even if you see everyone around you busy with their gadgets every day, it doesn’t mean that everyone understands and able to use that. That’s why a printed invitation is still needed now. The older such as your grandparents may not have an email address or social media. Therefore, it would be great if you send them a printed invitation card rather than a digital card. 

4. Choose the wrong place to print your invitation 

It is okay to look for a printing service that offers a lower price to print your invitation card. But keep in mind, you also have to consider the quality of printing. The print quality takes part to determine how your invitation will look like. Choosing the printing service only because they offer a lower price without knowing their quality, can lead you to get an unexpected result. You don’t want to have your invitation card to be blurry or fuzzy due to poor print quality, right? So, you have to find a trusted wedding invitation card printing service that offers affordable and cheap prices with a high-quality print!   

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