Any kind of business from small to large needs a good marketing campaign. This especially applies to newly started business. Upon launch, you have to market your product or service and gain customers to try out what you have to offer. Most often, the problem with freshly started businesses are that they don’t have enough budget for marketing and advertising, and they would rather put their money into the core operations of the business instead. Are you one of those business owners who feel the same way? Well, don’t worry. There are a few cheaper alternatives for you, such as advertising and marketing with flyer, brochure, poster, and even sticker. If you choose to let people know of your business by distributing stickers, then there are a few things that you have to pay attention to especially during the designing process, printing, and of course the distribution as well.

1. Layout Design

Yes, there is no rule when it comes to designing a sticker. Your creativity is the limit. But remember that you have to make sure that the sticker you make look good and interesting. A meticulous sticker designing process is absolutely required if you want a sticker that catches the eyes of people easily. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that the sticker you design can effectively convey the message you want within simple words.

Designing a sticker can get quite tricky especially if you are not familiar with any designing software that usually takes time to master. If you can’t design a sticker with a software like that, you can choose to design a sticker with an already existing template that can be found online. There are many options that are free and highly open to customize the way you want.

2. Colors

As you design a sticker, it is also very important to pay attention to the color of sticker. Colors can communicate a certain message and trigger a certain mood. You have to understand color psychology and make sure that the colors that you choose can represent what you want to say. Not only that, you also have to make sure that the colors that you choose look interesting enough so that it can stand out among the crowd instead of getting left unnoticed. It is easier to catch people’s attention with vibrant colors. However, you can also still choose colors that are dark if you want, as long as you can create a good balance with other supporting colors of the sticker.

3. Print in High Quality

If you want to get outstanding sticker printing in Singapore, then you definitely should print it with a promising digital printing service that is experienced. They have the right equipment as well as experience to produce high quality stickers. With high quality stickers, you will look more proper and even professional, and the sticker that people get will leave stronger impression as well because they are of high quality with impeccable visual that is attractive to the eyes.

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